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Best all in one vitamin!!

I have been taking Root’d for the past 3 years- I started with the prenatal since I couldn’t take pills without getting sick. I’d make delicious mocktails with it. I just started doing it with the regular vitamin too and look forward to it every day! I love that it’s a bunch of vitamins and probiotics in one! It makes it so easy for me to get all the vitamins I need for my body! Highly recommend. My favorite is to make mocktails with it 👏🏽

Great flavor when mixed with 8 ounces of coconut water

One of the best decisions!

This addition to my daily regimen always jumpstarts my day and fuels me well.
Love the taste and simple process to get the nutrients I need.

Quick, Easy, Delicious!

It’s so nice have a sweet drink in the morning that doesn’t make me nauseous but also packed with the needed vitamins & nutrients for not only me but my baby as well! The flavor is what you make it with the same health benefits to make it suitable for everyone! Price is average (usually always a coupon somewhere) & shipping is quick! I’ve used throughout my pregnancy & also currently on my breastfeeding journey! I would recommend to any pregnant momma!

Simply the Best....Better than all the rest!

I have stomach issues due to having part of my colon removed. For the last 20 years I have been trying to find vitamins that my body can actually absorb. Well I have FINALLY achieved my mission!! I started my HERS Multi Vitamins a month ago and I can really feel the difference...REALLY. Most of the time I add the packet to my smoothie everyday. I noticed that I am not as tired on a daily basis. My muscles don't feel as weak when I walk and I am not bloated. I go for my blood work in a week and I can bet that my iron & mineral levels will be much better than usual. Good bye to pills that upset my stomach/make me sick....Hello to feeling like a real person again at 70 years old. THANK YOU

Tastes great

I love this so much! I really enjoy taking it and the taste is great. I usually mix it with sparkling water

My favorite part of the day!

I absolutely love my Root’d multi! I make a nice little drink and the delicious taste is a blast of refresh and rejuvenation right into my day! I feel more energized, happier, more productive, and clear!


Absolutely love these prenatals! I’ve been using them for years now through two pregnancies and while nursing. I have a hard time swallowing pills, especially when you get to that point during pregnancy when everything makes you gag so these have been a godsend. I like to mix mine in about half cup strawberry lemonade. Yummy!

I love the taste of it , definitely buying it again

Convenient and Tasty!!

I have been taking Root'd regularly for 3 years now! I live in a rural area so it is so convenient that a quality product is delivered to my house when I need it. Root'd is tasty and tastes good in my drinks and smoothies!

Delicious, clean product. Gives me balanced energy without the jitters. Daily vitamins and gut friendly ingredients

Love this product

Much easier than taking pills! Not the BEST thing to drink but smells really good!

Really Good

I like it best with sparkling water or in a smoothie

Loving the prenatals

Last pregnancy I had hair lose problems nausea the whole time and a list of other problems but this time I have been using rootd and been feeling amazing and just passed the half way mark! Grateful for such a great product


This product has changed my life I had serious major surgery and I was depleting every mineral every electrolyte I had nothing that was holding on to me we tried everything gummies to multiple things Gatorades electrolyte High IV drinks nothing was working we ordered this and I was absolutely Blown Away I immediately felt the difference and when I say immediately that's what I mean this is the best stuff you waste lots and lots of money in the stores on vitamins and b12 and vitamin C's and probiotics and all kinds of stuff you get it all in this one pack put in a little bit of water and done it's amazing this changed my life I am now subscriber and I share this with everyone to let them know this is the best

Great product!

Thank you so much for everything you guys do!


I was surprised by how good this tastes. I started with prenatal pills but have been unable to take them consistently or keep them down. I gave Root’d a try, hoping for it to be the answer but assuming it would be difficult to drink. Not so! The taste is actually good on its own but it mixes well with juice or other liquids for an even tastier drink. I actually look forward to drinking it. Thanks!

Root’d the best

I love Root’d because it is not a pill. I’m not great at taking pills but Root’d taste great and increases my water intake.

Pregnancy Nausea

I started taking this prenatal around 5 1/2 months my second trimester and was vomiting 2-5 times a day, 7 times a max.I was miserable but when I started taking this prenatal it came to a complete halt. I love to mix it with sparking water. I haven’t had any complaints, I gained my energy back and at first my baby was weighing small but I honestly feels as this helped not only with the nausea but help keep my nutrients in my body. I also have gestational diabetes and the no sugar is a plus. I’m soo happy God directed me here to this company, I highly recommend. I am not sponsored in any way, I say at least try it mamas.

It’s been almost 2 weeks and Im starting to see some results. Not the greatest taste but anything for a good health

Taste great and an easy way to get your daily vitamins in.

What an amazing product. Definatly felt an immediate difference in my energy level.