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Best there is!

I live with an ileostomy and have a difficult time absorbing nutrients and staying hydrated. This multi is a game changer for me and I can honestly say that I have more energy when taking this. I love that it's an all in one multi vitamin, probiotic and electrolytes. Plus it tastes and smells amazing, zero sugar and less package waste! My husband tried it and loved it so we got him the men's one too. Thank you Root'd for making an amazing product and simplifying our supplement routine. Please consider making one for kids!!

I have felt the difference

I was looking for something to help my immune system and feel better. I have recently learned of some life long health issues I have and was really discouraged. I have been using Rootd for about 2 months had have felt a difference in my energy level, my focus and my overall wellness. It has solved or cured me by any means but I do think it is building up my overall health and helping me feel better. Thank you!

Love these !!

I wish I had known about this during my first pregnancy... I'm not usually one to believe in online adds, but I had a difficult second pregnancy and my doctor told me to look for supplements. Root'd was perfect ! I take it every day and it made my 3rd trimester easy! Postpartum I've been feeling great and energetic daily, even with a newborn to nurse and a toddler to take care of. Root'd even ships the next batch to me before I run out so no need to think about it. And the fizzy is yummy !

I love it!

I was having tummy issues.. the prenatal pills were making my stomach hurt so much and so the nausea worsens. This have a good flavor, no sugar, and is super gentle on my stomach, I even feel it makes it better!

Great Flavor, great for post workout and energy!

Great flavor!

Easy dissolve

Dissolves easily even in cold water, good taste, easy to take and increases daily intake


These vitamins are amazing. I love that there is no sugar, so it is not sweet. Each packet dissolves easily in water, and you feel very healthy after drinking it. I will continue to order these.

It's pretty tasty and actually stays down!

i got morning sickness before I got my first positive pregnancy test! My morning sickness started at week 4 and I'm entering week 8. I've tried many morning sickness home remedies and products and none have helped. I usually vomit 2-8 times a day. This isn't a remedy but I am more likely to keep this down by taking small sips at a time then I am to keep food down. It's actually pretty tasty! I plan to buy more!

Excellent Customer Service

I ordered the prenatal drinks and before they arrived I suffered a miscarriage. I reached out to the chat and asked if I could send them back as I didn’t want another reminder of another loss on my countertop. They told me I most certainly could or I could get rid of them and they issued me a refund and canceled my auto ship immediately with sincere sympathy. I will continue to use them for their women drinks and recommend them always.

Upset I didn't find it sooner!

This stuff is amazing!! the best part is I can keep it down no problem, and it gives me the energy I need to keep going!! I know it a little pricey for the size bag, but trust me it's totally worth it. I only wish I would have found this at the beginning of my pregnancy.

An Amazing product

If you haven't tried this product then it's about time you won't regret it .


This product has been an absolute lifesaver and game changer for me. This is my second pregnancy, and unlike the first pregnancy.. my nausea and sickness didn’t go away after the 1st trimester. Swallowing any size pill just about killed me and I couldn’t keep anything down. This powder drink mix has made me be able to get in my daily prenatal nutrients without making my nausea worse. I also love that it’s made from GOOD clean ingredients and isn’t full of garbage. Plus it has FOLATE instead of folic acid. Love love love!

Love it

I have been using this since I read about it at 20 weeks pregnant. I LOVE this stuff. I make a lot of different smoothies and this goes perfectly in the mix.


I am loving Root'd! It mixes very smoothly so it's not grainy in the slightest.

Very pleasant, easy to carry, and easy to use

I was very glad to find an electrolyte formula without sugar, and even happier to find one with probiotics. This will be just what we need if traveler's diarrhoea hits during an anticipated vacation, in addition to being a great source of electrolytes when camping in the high desert.First off, I like the packaging. The remeasured paper packets make it easy to carry, and know that you're using the right amount. It mixes easily with water, still or carbonated. The taste is pretty good, with a nice raspberry which mostly offsets the probiotic taste, which isn't bad, just a little bit of a surprise at the finish, as I swallow. It's very easy to drink. Since I haven't taken lab tests before or after drinking it, there's no way of knowing what it has done for my electrolytes, but I'm going to take it for granted that they got topped off.Thank you for reading my review. I hope you found it helpful.

Great product!

I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant and wanted to add fruit smoothies/shakes back into my diet (especially when I was craving something sweet). I'd looked closely at different types of powder geared specifically toward pregnant women; this is the only one I have come across that did NOT contain ingredients that I deemed harmful during pregnancy (like aspartame). It is sweet without being overpowering and doesn't taste chalky at all. I purchased the berry lemon flavor and mixed it with a variety of frozen berries and whole milk; absolutely LOVE the flavor. Thank you Root'd for making a great product that I feel safe consuming while pregnant!

Great flavor and benefits

I love these! I just pour it in my water bottle and shake it up. The flavor is great and the health benefits are greater. I've noticed more natural energy (without the jitters that coffee gives you) and have even noticed a little weight loss (which I'm not mad at)😎

A great way to boost my hydration while ensuring I get all the nutrients I need.

I love this powder multivitamin. It has a really nice list of ingredients that I feel like really covers all my bases when I'm busy and may not be eating quite healthily enough. The flavor of it isn't exactly my absolute favorite, but it's not bad either, and I definitely love that it's not sugary. I feel like vitamins that I take this way really absorb better than pills, plus I hate swallowing pills. I feel like these have been doing a good job of boosting my energy levels and keeping my immune system strong. Plus I'm a firm believer that staying well-hydrated makes a big difference in my overall health. These are a little pricey, but a lot of times when I get cheaper multivitamins I feel like I need to supplement them with a powder to help me get my daily greens, and something else to boost my immune system, and I'll often add an Electrolyte powder to my daily routine, too, so I feel good about the price on these since it includes all of that.

Good drink

I'm trying to drink more water and I decided to take a leap and try this rooted powder mix in order to provide a flavor to my water. I like the additional natural sources of vitamins added in these ingredients. I know that after drinking one packet a day at work I am getting more healthy. *Thanks for reading my review & hope it helps make your decision easier*

Shocked how this worked

I have a very sensitive stomach to begin with and to add to that, have been going through a particularly stressful situation right now. My normal probiotic just wasn't cutting it and I was downing way too much Pepto Bismol. I've been feeling so down lately so a little extra energy and vitamins couldn't hurt either so I decided to give this a try.I am not one that likes anything overly sweet so I was a little nervous when I read that you can treat it like a smoothy. I added the powder to a full glass of water and used a spoon to mix. It mixes well with minimal product left in the glass. The taste is not too sweet for me and the little bit of carbonation was nice. I honestly forgot that I took it for most of the day and ended up going to bed early. I woke up this morning to a completely normal stomach (without getting into too much detail). I was so happy that I poured myself another glass and I'm feeling better all around today.At the time of this review, the cost is just under $1.50 a serving so it isn't something that I will be taking every day however I will be keeping it around for when I need it.

Best shake for babies measuring small

My doctor told me my baby was measuring small. She was in about two weeks behind her growth charts. I had hard time keep food down. My doctor told me to try this product. Within one week on Root'd my baby girl had double in size & gain the weight she needs! I would recommend this drink to anyone struggling with weight gain during pregnancy or their baby measuring small.

Must buy! Toss the other stuff!

Great product and taste! Has a fizz that at first I had to get used to until I realized it really makes it mix well with your water and doesn't end up at the bottom of your water bottle like most products!Highly recommended!


Root'd has been a complete life changer for me! I didn't have high expectations at first and assumed it would be another mediocre blend of vitamins that I would probably end up throwing away but figured why not?For starters, the flavor is meh. It tastes like vitamins with a splash of raspberry and something else. It's not the best tasting but not the worst by any means. It's drinkable and for being sugar free, it's decent. I prefer to mix it with 4-5oz of water because I hate sipping on stuff that I don't find tasty. I prefer to toss it back all at once, as quickly as possible. It's easy to stir in a glass or pop into a water bottle, shake it up, and drink!The first day I tried the vitamins, I noticed a significant boost in energy and mood but again, didn't even consider the vitamins as a factor. I'm not 2 weeks into the bag and it has literally changed my life. I'm used to always being tired and dragging myself through the day. This has given me a boost of energy and makes me feel more awake, happy, and just overall better.I always take vitamins daily but something tells me I probably wasn't getting enough because after I started taking these, my energy noticeably changed. I just placed my second order for them and plan on switching to this from here on out because of how much I love them! I absolutely recommend these to anyone that will listen. They're a little pricey but work every penny. Do yourself a favor and give them a try.

Good quality ingredients

I like the flavor and that its easy to mix, its quite the refreshing drink and it keeps me hydrated on a hot day

Tasty and delicious without any added sugars - it's pretty sweet

This review is for: Root'd - Powder Multivitamin + Electrolytes for Women - Sugar Free Electrolyte Hydration Powder with 25 Vitamins & Minerals | Vitamin D3 A C E B Complex Probiotics | 24 Effervescent Drink Mix PacketsAll of the sachets are super convenient for on the go people like me. I really liked the flavor of this and all the things it comes with which is plenty of vitamins and electrolytes which is listed.Only thing is don't add warm water to this powder because it will be extra sweet! Even with no added sugars this is tasty and quite sweet already.

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