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Really works! Kept me hydrated and my energy levels high

These things definitely work! I bought them for a ski trip to stay hydrated, and so happy I did! My doctor told me to avoid sports drinks and water just gets a little boring. These packets have a flavor punch and it's got a great amount of vitamins. After a day of hard riding I was ready for more runs while my husband was spent. I use a pack here and there even if I am just working for a afternoon pick up

Amazed at how it helps

I have a chronic thyroid disorder called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. It has caused Fibromyalgia and soft tissue issues along with chronic fatigue in my body. I am thrilled with how much more energy I have while taking my Root'd daily. It has helped in so many ways. My system is responding well after taking it for 6 months. I can honestly feel a difference if I skip more than one day of the vitamin pack. I highly recommend this as an alternative to swallowing 20 or more pills a day to get all of these wonderful, helpful vitamins. And, the company has been amazing with answering my questions and helping me when customer service issues have arisen.

Great for recovery!

This multivitamin is the best on the market. The vitamin sources are pure and the delivery method (liquid effervescent) ensures quick delivery throughout the body. I looked for a few years for a vitamin supplement for adults containing methylcobalamin (B12). Most use the cheap version: cyanocobalamin, which really does nothing good for your body. I started using Root'd about 4 months ago and have yet to find anything that rivals it. It also makes a great recovery drink after exercise. My husband and I both triathletes and we always notice a big improvement when we drink root'd instead of the sugary electrolyte recovery drinks. Hands down, its the best out there!

Great vitamins

These are my favorite vitamins - drink one glass a day and you have everything you need


Love that it has no sugar, and boosts my energy throughout the day! Subscription is super easy too!

Really easy to mix!

I’m on week 3 of using this, and i really really like it! I was worried about mixing, but it mixed really easy, and the taste is really good for me! I just started my second trimester and my energy levels have been really good since I started taking rootd. Highly recommended!!

No Nausea!

I'm not sure if it was the smell of the garden of life I was taking, but something about pills always made me gag. Was really happy I found this, and love the taste! It doesn't make me sick either, so this is my new multi! It's not quite as delicious as I'd like, but it's still pretty good!

Great Women's Multi!

Rootd is all they claim to be. the benefits for staying well and healthy are worth the cost. I truly believe that the immune support in this formula is what has kept me free from getting COVID
As a registered nurse, I am always looking for natural ways to stay healthy.

Love this vitamin

I am a healthy eater but my doc recommended a multivitamin since I'm not getting any younger. I hate taking pills, let alone giant vitamins. So I tried the root'd women's multi and I am seriously hooked. I have been taking it for 3 months now. It has a great flavor and great nutrients. I did a juice cleanse recently and didn't feel nearly as drained as I have in the past. I really think it's because of root'd!

It's Amazing!

I've been drinking Root'd for about 3 weeks now, and have really noticed a difference in my digestion and overall energy levels. Highly recommend this!


My wife has been on me to start taking a multivitamin, but i really really can't handle taking pills all the time. My buddy me onto rootd, and it's so much better. Energy levels feel higher, and my morning bathroom time is in and out! Great vitamin!

So F**** Good!

I was looking for a good way to boost my immune system during COVID, and my friend recommended this brand to me. Love that it doesn't have sugar, and that it's packed with a ton of good vitamins! My energy levels have gone way up, and i seem to be sleeping better lately too. I really like it!

I love it!

I hated taking my morning pills so this is much better!

So worth it

I had received a sample of the prenatal drink and decided to order some. After just 3 days I had an increase in energy and overall just feeling good. It was a nice change from the pill form.

Really Delicious

My friend recommended this to me because I cant take pills, but I couldn't find a gummy that had iron. I'm really impressed with how good this is considering all the vitamins in it. It got the stamp from my doctor too!

I really like it

It's just really easy, and doesn't have that bad vitaminy smell that all the pills do.

What a treat!

I was a little skeptical to purchase this one with some of the reviews talking about the flavor, but I guess it's all personal. I truly love this prenatal. From the flavor, to the way I feel, to its ingredients, to its easy subscription, and just overall how pleasant it is. I don't really write reviews often, but this has been one of the treats I get during the day, so I felt I should share my experience and the love. really, this is a great prenatal!

It's awesome!

So, been taking it for about a month now. Usually, I hate vitamins, but I have to say, I actually enjoy drinking this. Maybe the dad joke on the back could be better? Honestly, that's all I got. can't think of anything bad to say... It's really awesome!

Love it!

It's hard to say anything bad. Their customer service has been amazing, I love the flavor, and it's so easy to take. Really can't think of anything I don't like. Awesome stuff rootd!

My new go to!

I started taking this about a month ago to try to build my immune system. Not sure if it's protecting me against Covid 19, but I definitely feel stronger LOL! Love that they are conscious about the environment and the little sayings they have on the packets are super cute. Really happy I found this.

Really Happy!

I switched to rootd about a month before my husband and I found out we were expecting. I had been taking their women’s (Which I loved!), but when we found out I was pregnant I immediately checked into their prenatal and, like their regular vitamins, they just made sense to me. I do wish they had additional options on the flavor, the lemon is not amazing for me, but that is literally my only complaint. It’s not really bad, and it mixes well in my smoothie so that works for me.

3 months in - Still Love it

Been drinking this for about 3 months now, and I’m currently in my 3rd trimester. I had switched from Garden of Life gummies since my doctor told me I needed iron, but I can’t really take pills so really happy I found Rootd! I mostly mix it in about 10 oz of water, and the flavor is pretty good…. Kinda like lemonade with a touch of ginger. They sent me a recipe for a smoothie with some blueberries and yogurt, and I like that a lot too! It seems to give a little extra energy when I take it in the afternoon. Highly recommend this to any pregnant moms out there.

Good quality prenatal

I have recommended this to all pregnant friends and people I’ve talked too. The ingredients are great and I think it’s important to know what your putting into tour body, especially when pregnant. These never made me sick (some prenatales in previous pregnancies did). They are still my favorite and a good quality vitamin. I'll be taking them while nursing i think too.

Natural and Safe ingredients

I purchased this prenatal, and have been taking it for a month now, they were recommended through my PCP. At first I was apprehensive but, after doing my own research I was able to take them with ease. This product is made with natural ingredients which is the cause for the some of the reviews talking about unpleasant taste. I just mix it in juice or flavored water and it's totally fine! It makes much easier to drink and it dilutes the bad taste, plus you can take it all at once without missing a dose. This product is much safer for the baby and new mom to be. I would've of given it a 5 star rating but as mentioned I just started a month ago, so this is my opinion so far. Best of luck everyone!

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