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We believe that a healthier You
should also make a healthier Earth

With every Root'd purchase you make, you're helping move closer to a goal of planting 20 million new trees,
AND removing 10 million lbs of plastic from the ocean this decade.

1% for

Planting new trees
for a cleaner tomorrow

1% for

Expanding the removal & repurpose of the 12.2 Million tons of plastic in our Oceans

<5% Plastic

All Root'd Vitamins are packaged with the future in mind, as we work towards our goal of 0%

Just by purchasing any Root'd vitamin, you're already helping (Wooo!).
If you'd like to do even more, keep on scrolling!

One Tree Planted

An environmental charity, on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees!


Plant a Tree
Plastic Free Vitamin Bottels

The Ocean Cleanup Project

There are an estimated 12.2 million tons of plastic floating in our Oceans. The Ocean Cleanup Project is one of the most active organizations working to remove it.


Get on Board

Join us in a cleanup!

We’re working to start local community cleanup events at the worlds parks and beaches. If you’re interested in being sponsored, or joining us on our next adventure, please drop us a note!