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Root'd By a Mission

Healthier you should also = healthier planet, so while we obsess over the perfect vitamin, we stay Root'd by our mission to help free the world from single-use plastic, and show businesses can thrive when focused on doing good.


With every Root'd purchase you make, you're helping move closer to a goal of planting 20 million new trees, AND removing 10 million lbs of plastic from the ocean this decade.

1% for

Planting new trees
for a cleaner tomorrow

1% for

Expanding the removal & repurpose of the 12.2 Million tons of plastic in our Oceans

<5% Plastic

All Root'd Vitamins are packaged with the future in mind, as we work towards our goal of 0%

Some of the Organizations we support

The Ocean Cleanup Project

There are an estimated 12.2 million tons of plastic floating in our oceans. The Ocean Cleanup Project is one of the most active organizations working to remove it.


Get on Board

An environmental charity, on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees!



Plant a Tree

Meet Our Founders

Founders of Root'd Vitamins Adams Chimera Evelyn Lee

Our journey to create a better supplement and more sustainable brand came from our 15+ years working in the Supplement and Packaged Goods industries. With all the wasteful packaging, cost-saving fillers, and seemingly purposeful confusion on what works and what doesn’t, we knew there was a better way.

We founded Root’d with the belief that supplements could be something people actually enjoyed taking. They could be easier to understand, they could remain true to their health purpose without additives or what some call “healthy” or “hydrating” sugar, they could be fun! (insert dad joke here – thanks, Adams) and that all of it could be done without all the plastic that litters our supplement aisles.

We promise to stay Root’d to our core mission, to help make humans and our shared environments healthier, and we’re so excited to welcome you!

- Adams & Evelyn, Co-Founders

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