Her MULTI -Essential Vitamins & Minerals + Electrolytes for Women

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Sugary gummy "multivitamins" & "hydration" powders weren't giving us much.

So we combined them to make the 🌎's 1st true MULTI with MORE than just a handful of nutrients. Root’d BOOSTS your daily nutrition by infusing the 25 essential vitamins & minerals a woman's body needs every day with hydrating electrolytes. While some electrolytes use sugar to help absorption, we couldn't get on board, so our nutritionists ditched the sugar and used organic superfoods, probiotics, & enzymes instead to give you more natural absorption of ALL these amazing nutrients!

The proven blend of essential nutrients in Root'd supports:

Root'd Powder multivitmain for women with immune support Immune Health*

Root'd Powder multivitamin for women with Probiotics Digestive Health*

Root'd Powder women's Vitamin with Choline and B12 Brain Cell Production*

Root'd Multivitmain Powder for women with Biotin and vitamin a Hair + Skin*

Root'd Powder women's Vitamin with Electrolytes Hydration*

Root'd Powder women's Vitamin with B Complex and stamina support Energy*

It's finally time to get your essential nutrition + hydration, all in one!

Root'd is a delicious sparkling (effervescent) vitamin mix. Mix Root'd your way in 4 - 12 oz of water, juice, or your favorite smoothie!

All in One
Nutrition + Hydration

Rootd Free Shipping

25 Vitamins & Minerals

Optimizing your daily nutritional needs with bioavailable sources, supporting your energy, immune, hair, skin, and overall health

Rootd Womens Vitamin powder with organic super greens

9 Superfoods, Probiotics & Enzymes

Improving absorption while supporting digestive and gut health with added organic beet root and turmeric for cardiovascular health

Rootd e-mail us hi@rootd.com

3x Electrolytes

3x the electrolytes of a sports drink to hydrate your body without the sugar, delivering sustained hydration and stamina

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Root'd to our Promises.

Rootd Natural Womens Vitamin

Only What's Real

Never artificial colorants or synthetic fillers

Rootd Natural Non-GMO Womens Vitamin

Carefully Craft'd

Always carefully selected Non-GMO ingredients.

Rootd Women's Vitamin Donation to Ocean

2% to Earth's Future

Planting Trees & Clearing Plastic, for a cleaner tomorrow

Rootd Womens Powder Vitamin Donation to land

3rd Party Tested

Formulated to help keep you at your
best you.
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It sure does! Root'd is the first and only supplement to combine the nutrition content of a multivitamin with the hydration power of electrolytes, without the added sugar. With infused organic superfoods and digestive probiotics to ensure maximum absorption, Root’d allows our bodies natural flow to absorb its nutrients as one, giving a natural BOOST to our day, all while eliminating the unhealthy sugar.

We’re Root’d to clean researched health, and we’re humbled to have Root'd be a part of your health journey!

Root’d has a tiny bit of sweetness, with a little more tart berry forward flavor. It’s definitely not a wheatgrass, but it’s not gonna taste like a sugary soda either because, well, it’s healthy!

Root’d is made with 100% natural sugar-free ingredients, and we made it that way on purpose to ensure you get the most health benefit!

Mix it up, though! Root’d can be used as a mocktail mixer and tastes ahhh'mazing with other flavored waters, ginger ales, lemonades, and a ton of smoothies too! Just watch out for that extra bubbly!

If you’re mixing with water, and want a little more flavor, drink it like a shot with about 4oz of water! Or, if you like a little weaker taste, just add more water! Easy Peasy!

The best time to take any supplement is when you remember to take it. With probiotics, enzymes, and organic superfoods added, Root'd is very gentle on the stomach and can, therefore, be enjoyed at any time with or between meals. Experts recommend taking any supplement with a meal when your digestion is most active, for maximum absorption and to lessen the possibility of gastrointestinal upset.

Iron. His MULTI does not contain iron, as men should not supplement with iron unless directed to by a health or nutrition professional. Why? Because Iron’s key function is to support blood health, and men do not menstruate putting them at risk of overdosing.

In total, there are higher intake recommendations for 23 vitamins and minerals for pregnant women. The key differences, however, are folate content and iron needs. The FDA suggests higher iron and folate consumption during pregnancy to support blood health and neural tube development.

To support increased energy production, Root’d Women’s will give you more B-Vitamins than our Prenatal, as well as added Enzymes to help break down food and aid in digestion. We do not add these to our prenatal as the science of higher content of these nutrients is not 100% proven to be safe for pregnant women, while it is for non-pregnant women.

Learn more about our ingredients, and why we use every single one with our Interactive Supplement Facts Guide.

Of course! After your first purchase you can adjust your subscription to come in at any length of days you choose, and any quantities. So, for example, if you buy today to receive 1 box every 24 days, but change your mind tomorrow to want 2 boxes every 40 days, you can easily do that from your account.

Studies show that over 80% of Americans do not get their daily nutrition from diet alone, so It's highly beneficial and recommended to enjoy your Root’d every day to ensure your body is getting the essential nutrients it needs to function at its best.

Customer Reviews

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Best there is!

I live with an ileostomy and have a difficult time absorbing nutrients and staying hydrated. This multi is a game changer for me and I can honestly say that I have more energy when taking this. I love that it's an all in one multi vitamin, probiotic and electrolytes. Plus it tastes and smells amazing, zero sugar and less package waste! My husband tried it and loved it so we got him the men's one too. Thank you Root'd for making an amazing product and simplifying our supplement routine. Please consider making one for kids!!

I have felt the difference

I was looking for something to help my immune system and feel better. I have recently learned of some life long health issues I have and was really discouraged. I have been using Rootd for about 2 months had have felt a difference in my energy level, my focus and my overall wellness. It has solved or cured me by any means but I do think it is building up my overall health and helping me feel better. Thank you!

Easy dissolve

Dissolves easily even in cold water, good taste, easy to take and increases daily intake

Angela Cloutier

These vitamins are amazing. I love that there is no sugar, so it is not sweet. Each packet dissolves easily in water, and you feel very healthy after drinking it. I will continue to order these.

Harry B Arnold
An Amazing product

If you haven't tried this product then it's about time you won't regret it .

Beth A
Very pleasant, easy to carry, and easy to use

I was very glad to find an electrolyte formula without sugar, and even happier to find one with probiotics. This will be just what we need if traveler's diarrhoea hits during an anticipated vacation, in addition to being a great source of electrolytes when camping in the high desert.First off, I like the packaging. The remeasured paper packets make it easy to carry, and know that you're using the right amount. It mixes easily with water, still or carbonated. The taste is pretty good, with a nice raspberry which mostly offsets the probiotic taste, which isn't bad, just a little bit of a surprise at the finish, as I swallow. It's very easy to drink. Since I haven't taken lab tests before or after drinking it, there's no way of knowing what it has done for my electrolytes, but I'm going to take it for granted that they got topped off.Thank you for reading my review. I hope you found it helpful.

Great flavor and benefits

I love these! I just pour it in my water bottle and shake it up. The flavor is great and the health benefits are greater. I've noticed more natural energy (without the jitters that coffee gives you) and have even noticed a little weight loss (which I'm not mad at)😎

A great way to boost my hydration while ensuring I get all the nutrients I need.

I love this powder multivitamin. It has a really nice list of ingredients that I feel like really covers all my bases when I'm busy and may not be eating quite healthily enough. The flavor of it isn't exactly my absolute favorite, but it's not bad either, and I definitely love that it's not sugary. I feel like vitamins that I take this way really absorb better than pills, plus I hate swallowing pills. I feel like these have been doing a good job of boosting my energy levels and keeping my immune system strong. Plus I'm a firm believer that staying well-hydrated makes a big difference in my overall health. These are a little pricey, but a lot of times when I get cheaper multivitamins I feel like I need to supplement them with a powder to help me get my daily greens, and something else to boost my immune system, and I'll often add an Electrolyte powder to my daily routine, too, so I feel good about the price on these since it includes all of that.

Root'd Powder Prenatal Vitamin with hydration support sugar free multivitamin

Supports Hydration, Eye Health,
Stamina + Immunity*

Root'd Prenatal Powder Multivitamin

Essential Nutrients
For Mom + Baby

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