Hydration Is Not About Sugar; It’s About Electrolyte & Nutrition Balance.

Sugar Free Electrolyte Hydration Powder with Electrolytes and Multivitamin Powder For Women

I have always been so frustrated by how confusing electrolyte powders are.

Like so many people, I read the benefits of taking this or drinking that to fix my dehydration issues, but it was never clear which option was best.

The seemingly obvious first choices were the Hydration Multiplier and Gatorade electrolyte products out there, which always made pretty big claims about how one of the main ingredients to fight dehydration was sugar. But looking at products like Liquid IV, I couldn’t get on board with the idea that drinking 11 grams of added sugar in a 16-gram packet would somehow magically make me hydrated!

Sugar Free Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier Option Wow 11 grams of sugar

According to Harvard Medical School, consuming too much sugar can dramatically increase your chances of heart disease, inflammation, weight gain, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, and diabetes. So, wouldn’t drinking something that is almost 70% sugar cause more harm than good? Couldn’t you get proper electrolyte absorption in a sugar free option?

The short answer probably wouldn’t surprise you. Yes, of course, you can.

 Why Aren’t All Electrolyte Powders Sugar-Free?

A Study by Schedl and Clifton in 1963 (yes, that long ago) concluded that having glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream enhances water absorption. Several other studies conducted through the 1990’s also suggested that sugar can aid in the absorption of sodium and magnesium (2 key electrolytes) across the intestinal barrier, thus improving hydration.

However, these studies ultimately fall short in that they don’t answer whether or not the same transfer ratio would occur if sugar is already in your bloodstream, or if added sugars (as opposed to natural sugars coming from fruits and vegetables) would have the same impact.

To me, the mountain of studies proving the negative impacts of sugar greatly outweighed this one potential benefit.

Then I noticed something.

Say More to Sugar in your hydration powders with a sugar free electrolyte powder drink mix option from Root'd

Sugar wasn’t just a key ingredient in electrolyte powders; it was also a key ingredient in our gummy multivitamins, containing almost the same 70% ratio! Aren’t these supposed to be health products? Why aren’t there more sugar-free options? Could there be a benefit of combining a multivitamin and hydration powder together as one?

What our bodies need

The truth is, our bodies need more than just minerals (electrolytes) and more than just vitamins. We need a robust balance of the two every day as they both work in incredible tandem. Vitamins give you energy, healthy hair and skin, stronger immune systems, and ultimately, keep you going! Minerals work together to help keep you hydrated, also building your immune system, and helping to boost your overall health. You need both, not just one or a select few of the other.

A 2-year obsession with nutritionists to discover something so much better!

When I went to the market to find something that would give me both sugar free electrolytes and proper nutrition, I was surprised that nothing was out there.

Root'd All in One sugar free electrolyte mix

The good news was, I had been in supplements for the better part of a decade working with some of the largest brands (yes, shamingly even the ones that used a ton sugar), so I partnered with some pretty amazing nutritionists who agreed, and we brought something incredible to life!

The world’s first true MULTI

When we formulated Root’d, we wanted to make the “Tesla” of all supplements, using the latest scientific research from the highest quality ingredients, sourced from the very best farms across the globe. We stayed “Root’d” to that mission and made Root’d with no sacrifice.

Root'd Powder Multivitamin with Sugar Free Electrolytes vs. Pills and Gummies

Root’d only uses clean, well-researched ingredients like methylated B’s and folate, chelated and citrate minerals, and organic fruits and veggies. We infuse it with probiotics and enzymes to help increase absorption (a much better choice than sugar, we thought).

  Shop Hers

Click to Save 15% NOW with code: SUGARFREE15

Click to Save 15% NOW with code: SUGARFREE15


Combined, Root’d delivers a natural hydrating BOOST to your routine, all without the sugar or crash.

 Root'd Great Tasting Sugar Free Electrolyte Powder Drink mix

I’d love you to try Root’d for yourself and feel the difference of a true MULTI! If you don’t love it, it’s on me!

Visit Rootd.com and use code SUGARFREE15 for 15% off your first order. Always free shipping and 100% love guaranteed.


Cheers to your health,

Adams; Founder 

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