Natural Flavors in Root'd — Sources and Transparency

Natural Flavors in Root'd — Sources and Transparency

When it comes to food we eat and drink, many of us strive to make healthy choices. And if you've been paying attention to food labels, you may have noticed the inclusion of "natural flavors" in many products. You've probably seen it listed on everything from your morning yogurt to your trusted supplements, including Root'd. But what does it really mean? And more importantly, are these flavors bad for you?

We've been asked this quite a few times now so let’s dive into it! 

What does natural flavors mean?

The FDA defines natural flavors as ingredients derived from plant or animal sources, used to enhance the taste of food and beverages. This contrasts with artificial flavors, which are synthesized in labs. However, the end goal of both is the same: to replicate natural taste.

Where do natural flavors come from?

Natural flavors can come from a variety of sources, including herbs, fruits, vegetables, spices, and even animal products. These flavors are derived from natural sources through processes like extraction, distillation, or fermentation and are used to enhance the taste and aroma of food and beverages. For example, strawberry flavor may be extracted from real strawberries, while vanilla flavor may be derived from the vanilla bean. Natural flavors are often preferred by consumers who want to avoid artificial additives and enjoy the authentic taste of food.

Are natural flavors bad for you?

This is a question many health-conscious consumers ask. The concern usually stems from the processing and the additives that might come along with natural flavors. It's important to note that while natural flavors are derived from natural sources, they undergo significant processing to extract and concentrate the flavor.

The FDA regulates these flavors and categorizes them as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). This designation means that these substances are not expected to pose a health risk under the conditions of intended use. However, it's important to understand that the term "natural" in this context doesn't equate to a lack of processing or alteration.

Furthermore, "natural" doesn't automatically imply a health benefit or a more nutritious choice. In some cases, natural flavors are used to enhance the taste of products that might not be nutritionally optimal. As a consumer, it's crucial to look beyond the "natural" label and consider the overall nutritional profile of the food, including aspects like sugar content, preservatives, and other additives or allergens.

Do natural flavors cause allergies?

When it comes to allergies, it's important to be aware of what's in your food and supplements. Some natural flavors used by various brands can be derived from sources that are common allergens, such as nuts, soy, or dairy. This can raise concerns for those with specific food sensitivities or allergies.

For instance, a natural almond flavor, while derived from a natural source, can be problematic for someone with a tree nut allergy. Similarly, flavors extracted from soy or dairy products can be a hidden source of allergens for those sensitive to these ingredients.

Why You Can Trust Root’d

Now, let's talk about Root'd and why you can feel confident about our products. At Root’d, we put your health at the forefront of everything we do. We are committed to ethical labeling and responsible sourcing of our ingredients. Our natural flavors are meticulously chosen and blended to complement the nutritional benefits of our supplements, ensuring that they are not only derived from high-quality natural sources but also free from common allergens. This means you won't find any hidden barley, nuts, soy, dairy, or other common allergens in our natural flavors. As a reputable brand dedicated to purity, quality and safety, our MULTIs are also tested by an ISO-certified lab, Eurofins, to guarantee that they meet the highest quality standards.

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Natural Flavors in Root’d

Root’d uses flavors obtained from the essences and extracts of natural sources like raspberries, açaí fruit, and monk fruit. So when you taste the hint of raspberry in your Root’d drink, it's derived from actual raspberries, not artificially created in a lab. The sweetness you experience is from the natural properties of monk fruit, a sweetener that provides flavor without causing a spike in your blood sugar and insulin levels, making it a popular choice among people with diabetes.*

What about the natural flavors listed under “other ingredients”?

In compliance with FDA requirements, we label our products with "With Other Natural Flavors" (WONF). This means that in addition to the primary flavors like raspberry açaí, we use complementary natural flavors such as citrus to create a balanced and delightful taste without relying on artificial additives. This approach is part of our commitment to providing you with supplements that are not only safe and effective but also enjoyable to consume, without the drawbacks of added sugars or artificial sweeteners.


Understanding the ingredients in your health supplements is crucial, and "natural flavors" is a term that warrants clarification. Through this discussion, we hope we were able to clear up any concerns and help you feel confident and informed about choosing Root’d for your health and wellness needs. Ready to explore a safe and nutritious allergen-free option? Use code ROOTD15 for 15% off + free shipping on your first order. Shop now!

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