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We’re building a culture that is Root'd in more than just dollars and cents,
and can’t do it alone!

Our Core 5:

lean company brand

1. Lean teams are the best teams.

We’re lean on purpose. We don’t want Mr & Mrs. “important” who say things like “that’s not my job” or “that’s above my paygrade”.

We’re a team that knows how to do what’s right, and we have the authority to do it!

Crap, sometimes we even clean the bathroom (yeah, that’s punny). We’re not here just for that sweet paycheck, we’re here to build something better for our world. We do it every. damn. day.

Passion driven vitamin company brand

2. We Run On Passion.

We’ll take passion over skill every day of the week, because skill knows all the excuses why it won’t work, while passion will never fail to make it work.

Cool Vitamin Brand

3. We live by our "Triple C-R" principal.

We’re cool, calm, and confident, but most of all, we’re respectful.

Life Long Learners

4. We’re learners and we’re listeners.

We don’t have all the answers, and we’re cool with that. We’re not afraid to say we’re wrong, because we know we can ask for help.

We go out of our way to learn from others, learn from our surroundings, learn from our failures (like every freakin day!), learn from our customers, learn from our farmers, learn from the world's books, and learn from our planet.

Mission Driven Vitamin Company Brand

5. We’re Root’d in a mission.

To make our world better, giving better health options in more sustainable packaging, all while making people's lives easier.

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