Meet Her Multi

Root'd to 100% Transperaency

Testing Results For Root'd Her MULTI

Our mission at Root'd is to craft health-driven, sugar-free, sustainable supplements. That mission includes transparency because you should trust what you're putting into your body. Every ingredient and finished product we make and use is 3rd party tested by ISO certified labs across the United States, ensuring the potency, purity, and integrity of all the Root'd MULTI’s you trust.

Heavy Metals


Testing for arsenic, cadmium,
lead and mercury


✅ Clear

Assuring safety from E.coli, salmonella, gluten, yeast, mold and coliforms.


✅ Pass

Ensuring the potency of the vitamins and minerals we use in each lot.


✅ Pass

A series of tests guarantees each Root’d packet you enjoy will meet our appearance, smell, taste and solubility standards.