How Long Do Vitamins Take To Work?

How Long Do Vitamins Take To Work

When the pandemic hit people became more eager to look for the best supplements to thrive and survive during this global crisis. In fact, the demand for supplements, especially multivitamins, spiked in March 2020 — reaching almost 120 million units sold in the US for that period alone. When buying, a common question consumers would ask is, "how long does it take for vitamins to work?"

How Long Does It Take for a Vitamin to Work?

It's important to know that there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The time it will take for vitamins to work would depend on what type of vitamin you're taking and any underlying conditions that could impact the absorption of vitamins in your system. We've done the research for you, so just stick around as we touch base on some factors that typically affect the absorption rate of vitamins.

Stress and Deficiency Levels

Stress and Deficiency Levels May Cause Malabsorption of Vitamins

Chronic stress may alter our body’s microbe balance and digestive function, negatively impacting the absorption of vitamins and nutrients from supplements and food we eat.* Stress raises our bodies’ metabolic needs and increases the utilization and excretion of nutrients — this may lead to nutrient deficiency.

Extreme deficiency may require a higher dose of certain vitamins or minerals that could make you feel dozy or tired. It may take time until your body recovers and reaches the optimal level.

Form of Supplement

Form of Supplement Is a Factor in Vitamin Absorption

Powders vs. gummy vitamins vs. pills absorption: Which supplement form can our body absorb quickly?

Vitamin pills and capsules aren’t designed for instant results. They’re meant to work their way through our system before our bodies start absorbing the nutrients. On the other hand, gummy vitamins may be a better option in terms of taste, but sweetness alone will never give you the best results. Gummies actually contain fewer vitamins and minerals but are packed with unhealthy amounts of sugar and additives.

Powder supplements can be your best option, especially if you hate swallowing pills and are conscious of your sugar intake. Just add water, give a quick stir, and drink — your body begins absorbing the nutrients right away! Powders are indeed the best form of vitamins for absorption.*

Fat-Soluble vs Water-Soluble Vitamins

Fat-Soluble vs Water-Soluble Vitamins

There are two types of vitamins: fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins.

Fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K require fat for the body to absorb these nutrients. So, it's best to take them after eating foods containing fat to achieve the maximum absorption rate of these vitamins.

On the other hand, water-soluble vitamins, including B vitamins and C, dissolve in water, so they are easily absorbed and may have a slightly quicker effect. The best time to take these vitamins is in the morning. Dr. Gallaro of Cleveland Clinic suggested taking water-soluble vitamins on an empty stomach.

Lifestyle and Eating Habits

Lifestyle and Eating Habits Affect Vitamin Absorption

Poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol can cause malabsorption.* A great way to stay healthy and not miss the fun is by indulging in mocktails instead of alcoholic beverages. Reap the benefits of drinking mocktails by trying some of our sugar-free and low-calorie mocktail recipes!

Health Conditions

People With Gut Disease Can’t Fully Absorb Nutrients From Vitamins

Unfortunately, certain health conditions may impact the absorption of vitamins. For instance, people with gut disease can’t fully absorb nutrients from vitamins due to a lack of hormones, like an intrinsic factor vital for the absorption of vitamin B12.

Also, vitamin and mineral supplements may interact with medical treatments and prescription medicines. That’s why it’s vital to consult a doctor for a professional advise if you have health issues.

Multivitamins vs Individual Vitamins

Unless you're targeting a specific vitamin deficiency, a multivitamin is your best bet, especially if you're trying to get a wide range of nutrients and avoid missing out on any essential vitamins and minerals. 

It's best to take multivitamins at a dietary level recommended by the FDA rather than individual supplements to avoid toxicity.

Better to Take Multivitamins Than Individual Vitamins

 Root'd formulations were crafted for the unique nutritional needs of men, women, and pregnant and lactating women. They're formulated with the science of Nutrient Booster — delivering unmatched absorbability and nutrient benefits to ensure you get the most from your vitamins.*

Vitamin Supplements Are Necessary, but Consistency Is Key

Why is it important to take vitamins consistently? Simple. A consistent and sufficient supply of vitamins helps to increase the concentration of essential nutrients in your body. Obviously, forgetting or neglecting to take your supplements daily may negatively impact the efficacy and absorption rate of vitamins.

Consistency also means adhering to the recommended dosage to achieve the best possible results. Ingesting too much of certain nutrients won’t speed up the process of recovering from micronutrient deficiency but will likely lead to toxicity.


The length of time vitamins need to work really depends on the form of supplement you're taking and the level of deficiency you're trying to rectify. It's best to speak with a nutritionist or dietitian to discuss the type and amount of vitamins that your body needs based on your lifestyle, health condition, and deficiency level.

Before searching for the best vitamins to buy online, keep in mind that supplements are not created equal. When buying a vitamin supplement, choose one with no binders or fillers added, as synthetic ingredients may trigger headaches and an upset stomach. * Too much sugar is bad too! (So, yeah… Remove any gummy vitamins from your cart. You'll thank us later.) 

We're root'd in our mission to address the supplement industry's addition to sugar, so we've crafted something better!

Root'd is the world's first true MULTI that provides the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need daily, plus electrolytes to rehydrate with infused probiotics, enzymes, and superfoods to ensure maximum absorption .*

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