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We Start with Your Health

The right balance of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs, and bacteria. Always backed by science.* Every formula. Every time. For the healthiest You.

We Move to Quality

Never Fads. Never fillers. Never Bad for yous. Only tested, tried, and proven. Always 3rd party tested and formulated by some of the smartest nutritionists on the planet.

We Package For The Future

Healthier You can = Healthier Planet. Our mission is 0% plastic packaging. Until that’s possible, we’ll always use <5%, and give 1% to the land for new trees, and 1% to the ocean to help free her from plastic.

We Throw in Some Fun

We're Root'd in the belief that smiles and laughter are the best prescriptions! We’re serious on health, science, quality, and the environment, but make light of the rest.
Have you seen our jokes yet? We’re dad joke certified. No big deal.

Every Root'd Vitamin Promises

1% to Ocean

1% of our profit from your purchase goes to help remove plastic in the ocean, with a goal to remove 10,000,000 lbs this decade.

1% to Land

1% of our profit from your purchase goes to help plant new trees, with a goal to plant 20,000,000 trees this decade.

Only What's Real

Never artificial colors, flavors, ingredients, chemicals, or fake stuff!

Carefully Crafted

Always, carefully selected Non-GMO ingredients.


All Root'd Fizzy Multivitamins are made with Natural Flavors, Super Greens, and Probiotics.

3rd Party

All Root'd Vitamins are independently tested & certified to meet rigorous standards for quality, safety, & label claims.

Join us in our

To advance health in humans, while accelerating the removal of plastic and C02 from our environments.


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