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A super greens infused multivitamin formulated with probiotics, electrolytes, and a scientific balance of the 25 essential vitamins and minerals women need every day.*

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Root'd Best Powder multivitmain for Women


Better health was never supposed to be such a pill! So our nutritionists spent 2 years studying a better way. We found that when we infuse super greens with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, then mix it in liquid, the chemistry gives you an absorption boost!

Basically, we found that our bodies got way more from our vitamins, and we just felt better all day.

It made sense, really. After all, when was the last time you juiced an orange, and pills or gummies came out? (Please don’t say that’s happened to you… that’d be weird).


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Why You'll ❤ Your Root'd

With all natural Açai flavor, each super absorbable pack has the essential nutrients women need every day*, with boosts supporting:

  • Root'd Powder Women's Vitamin with Biotin



  • Root'd Powder Women's Vitamin with Brain Cell Support and Choline


    C + D + Zinc + Selenium*

  • Root'd Powder Women's Vitamin with Probiotics



  • Root'd Powder Women's Vitamin with Super Greens


    Organic SuperGreens

  • Root'd Powder Women's Vitamin with Lutien and Vitamin A



  • Root'd Powder Women's Vitamin with Vitamin B Complex



Gluten Free Caffine Free Dairy Free Soy Free Allergen Free Womens Powder Multivitamin

**Gummy vitamins do NOT contain Iron. An essential mineral for blood health in women and Pregnant mothers*
***Sugar is known to decrease immune function

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Root'd is the first and only super greens infused women’s multivitamin, giving you you unmatched absorbability of the essential nutrients your body needs every day. Our bodies were never designed to absorb our nutrition from pills or gummies. Our bodies were designed to absorb vitamins and minerals from whole foods and liquids.

Root’d is formulated the way nature intended. Super easy to mix full-spectrum vitamin powder, infused with real organic super greens and natural flavors, keeping you doing what you do best!

Plain and simple, because it’s real! Our mixes turn yellow/green mostly because of the super greens doing their thing! We’re not into artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, or anything like that! See that yellowish tint, that’s the Turmeric from the digestion blend. The Red/White Specs – That’s the Vitamin E, Lutein, and natural flavors. At Root’d, we only use what’s real, nothing more.

The best time to take any supplement is when you remember to take it. Root'd Vitamins are very gentle on the stomach and can, therefore, be enjoyed at any time with or between meals. Experts recommend taking any supplement with a meal when your digestion is most active, for maximum absorption and to lessen the possibility of gastrointestinal upset.

Iron. Our men’s formula does not contain iron, as men should not supplement with iron unless directed to by a health or nutrition professional. Why? Because Iron’s key function is to support blood health, and men do not menstruate putting them at risk of overdosing.

In total, there are higher intake recommendations for 23 vitamins and minerals for pregnant women. The key differences, however, are folate content and iron needs. The FDA suggests higher iron and folate consumption during pregnancy to support blood health and neural tube development.

To support increased energy production, Root’d Women’s will give you more B-Vitamins than our Prenatal, as well as added Enzymes to help break down food and aid in digestion. We do not add these to our prenatal as the science of higher content of these nutrients is not 100% proven to be safe for pregnant women, while it is for non-pregnant women.

Learn more about our ingredients, and why we use every single one with our Interactive Supplement Facts Guide.

Of course! After your first purchase you can adjust your subscription to come in at any length of days you choose, and any quantities. So, for example, if you buy today to receive 1 box every 24 days, but change your mind tomorrow to want 2 boxes every 40 days, you can easily do that from your account.

Studies show that over 80% of Americans do not get their daily nutrition from diet alone, so It’s important to take a multivitamin every day to ensure your body is getting the essential 25 vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its best.


Root'd Women's Multivitamin - 24 Ct - Direct Wholesale

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