Prenatal MULTI - Essential Vitamins & Minerals + Electrolytes for Mom & Baby

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Congratulations future mama! This trimester’s lookin’ good on you!

Now let’s get you and your new baby the nutrients you two need to keep developing healthy! While traditional prenatal “multis” only give you a select few nutrients, Root’d BOOSTS your pregnancy by infusing the 25 essential vitamins & minerals your developing body and baby need every day with digestive probiotics, energizing organic greens, PLUS hydrating electrolytes all into one ahhh'mazing drink mix!


Root'd prenatal vitamin with 100% folate from methylfolate Neural Tube Development*

Root'd Powder prenatal vitamin for women with Probiotics Digestive Health*

Root'd Powder prenatal multivitmain for women with immune support Immune Health*

Root'd Powder prenatal Vitamin with Choline and B12 Blood Health*

Root'd Powder prenatal Vitamin with Electrolytes sugar free Hydration*

Root'd Powder preantal Vitamin with B Complex and energy support Energy*

Root'd is a delicious sparkling (effervescent) vitamin mix. Mix Root'd your way in 4 - 12 oz of water, juice, or your favorite smoothie!

All-in-1 Prenatal Nutrition.
Without The Sugar.

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25 Vitamins & Minerals

Optimizing mom and baby’s daily nutritional needs with bioavailable sources, supporting your energy, immune, and blood health + baby’s development

Rootd Womens Vitamin Powder Love Gauruntee

7 Organic Superfoods & Probiotics

Improving absorption while supporting digestive and gut health, with added organic beet root for cardiovascular health

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3x Electrolytes

3x the electrolytes of a sports drink to hydrate your body without the sugar, supporting your sustained hydration and stamina

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Rootd Natural Prenatal Vitamin

Only What's Real

Never artificial colorants or synthetic fillers

Rootd Natural Non-GMO Womens Vitamin

Carefully Craft'd

Always carefully selected Non-GMO ingredients.

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2% to Earth's Future

Planting Trees & Clearing Plastic, for a cleaner tomorrow

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It sure does! Root'd is the first and only Prenatal to combine the nutrition content of a full-spectrum multivitamin with the hydration power of electrolytes, without the added sugar. With infused organic superfoods and digestive probiotics to ensure maximum absorption, Root’d allows our bodies natural flow to absorb its nutrients as one, giving you and your future baby the nutrients you both need to develop healthily!

We’re Root’d to clean researched health, and we’re humbled to have Root'd be a part of your health journey!

Root'd is the first and only prenatal to combine the nutrition content of a prenatal multivitamin with the hydration power of electrolytes. With infused organic superfoods and digestive probiotics to ensure maximum absorption and digestive balance, Root’d allows your body's natural flow to absorb its nutrients as one to better support your nutritional needs before, during, and after your pregnancy. All while eliminating the unhealthy sugar.

We’re Root’d to clean researched health, and we’d be humbled to have Root'd be a part of your exciting new journey!

Root’d has a tiny bit of sweetness, with a little more tart berry forward flavor, and a hint of lemon. It’s definitely not a wheatgrass, but it’s not gonna taste like a sugary soda either because, well, it’s healthy!

Root’d is made with 100% natural sugar-free ingredients, and we made it that way on purpose to ensure you get the most health benefit!

Mix it up, though! We made Root’d so you can have some fun with your pregnancy, and it can 100% be used as a mocktail mixer (Happy Hour is back!) and tastes ahhh'mazing with other flavored waters, ginger ales, lemonades, and a ton of smoothies too! Just watch out for that extra bubbly!

If you’re mixing with water, and want a little more flavor, drink it like a shot with about 4oz of water! Or, if you like a little weaker taste, just add more water! Easy Peasy!

As you become pregnant, your nutrient needs will change, as you now are supporting you, and your growing baby's development. The highly absorbable nutrients in Root'd are there to help with things like neural tube development (folate), blood health (gentle iron), hydration (water/electrolytes), energy production (methylated B-Complex), digestive support (probiotics), immunity (A + D + Zinc) amongst several other benefits*. All to help build a healthy foundation for mom and baby.

The best time to take any supplement is when you remember to take it. Root'd Vitamins are very gentle on the stomach and can, therefore, be taken at any time with or between meals. Experts recommend taking any supplement with a meal when your digestion is most active, for maximum absorption and to lessen the possibility of gastrointestinal upset.

The best time to start is when you are actively trying to become pregnant, with some studies showing the benefits of starting at least 3 months before conception. The first month of pregnancy is important in your baby's neural development, and because many women cannot confirm they are pregnant until a missed period, it’s honestly never too soon to start.

In total, there are higher intake recommendations for 23 vitamins and minerals for pregnant women. The key differences, however, are folate content and iron needs. Doctors suggest higher iron and folate consumption during pregnancy to support blood health and neural tube development.

Learn more about our ingredients, and why we use every single one with our Interactive Supplement Facts Guide.

Absolutely! After your first purchase you can adjust your subscription to come in at any length of days you choose, and any quantities. So, for example, if you buy today to receive 1 box every 24 days, but change your mind tomorrow to want 2 boxes every 40 days, you can easily do that from your account.

Studies show that over 80% of Americans do not get their daily nutrition from diet alone, so It’s important to take a multivitamin every day to ensure your body is getting the essential 25 vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its best.

❤ guaranteed

Customer Reviews

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Sara Lair

This product has been an absolute lifesaver and game changer for me. This is my second pregnancy, and unlike the first pregnancy.. my nausea and sickness didn’t go away after the 1st trimester. Swallowing any size pill just about killed me and I couldn’t keep anything down. This powder drink mix has made me be able to get in my daily prenatal nutrients without making my nausea worse. I also love that it’s made from GOOD clean ingredients and isn’t full of garbage. Plus it has FOLATE instead of folic acid. Love love love!

Root'd, where have you been all my life?

I've been looking for a product like this for forever! It's yummy and I look forward to it every morning. I'm definitely getting the his for my husband. :)

The best all around prenatal

Absolutely love these vitamins! I started during my first trimester, and have been using daily for over 1 year now. My son was born 7lbs 12oz and 21in long, at 38 weeks. My labor and delivery team as well as my son's pediatrician couldn't believe he was so big for only being 38 weeks, and made repeated comments that he looked like a full term 40 week baby. While I most definitely attribute this to a healthy lifestyle, I must also give hearty credit to Root'd because I believe it really gave my son an advantage in the womb. Highly, highly recommend this product.

So much better than my huge Garden of life pill

I had been taking garden of life for the longest time, but the pill was so big, I could hardly choke it down every morning. It was worth it to get the natural clean ingredients they used though. I came across this and loved the idea of a drink mix. My doctor said it was actually a little better since they had electrolytes, and she said that they used methylated sources, which she said would be better for absorption. The flavor was not 100% my taste (wasn't bad, just not amazing), but if I mix it in a little more water, it's definitely easy to take! I would highly recommend to any pregnant mommies out there!

Love my Root'd!

I highly recommend this product! If you have issues taking pills but still want to get your daily vitamins this is the way to go! Unlike other drink mixes this one actually tastes amazing and has no GMO's or artificial flavoring. I personally love the Berry-Lemon flavor and know other pregnant women will love it too!

Great bioavailability

These are the best! Because the vitamins are food sourced and not chemical by-products you don't smell them in your urine and I got better absorption. Love that it's a drink too!

My Favorite!

My favorite prenatals by far. I have so much more energy and feel like I'm able to metabolize nutrients more efficiently since it's all liquid. And no green pee after taking them like with standard prenatals (coming from rainbow light prenatals)! I've had four pregnancies (three babies) and I've never been able to keep down prenatals during the first trimester, but these are so easy to digest I didn't have a problem at all. I'm nursing now and they don't bother my baby's tummy and he seems more restful when I've taken them.

Greate vitamins

These are my favourite prenatal vitamins - drink one galss a day and you have everything you need

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