A 2 Step Guide to Choosing The Best Multivitamin for Men

A 2 Step Guide to Choosing The Best Multivitamin for Men

Let’s be honest, looking for the best men's multivitamin is way too hard. Which ingredients are the best? How do I know it’s working? What form (Pill, Powder, gummy, etc.) is the best to take? 

Let’s break it all down.

Why Should Men Take Multivitamins?

Let’s first look at the basic function of what a men’s multivitamin does, and why you need it. In simple terms, a multivitamins primary function is to fill nutritional gaps leftover from your diet. With a mind-numbing number of studies showing 80% of Americans don’t get their daily nutrition from food alone, that’s a pretty important benefit.

Okay, so I don’t get ALL my nutrients from food. So What?

Solid point my astute friend. Deficiency in more abundant vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, etc. exists, but it’s pretty rare, so who cares!?  

Your body will for sure, as a deficiency in way too many other nutrients such as Vitamin D, Selenium or Manganese (Immune Builders), Folate, B9, or B12 (Energy Builders), and Choline (Cell Builders) is a lot more common.

Side note – Check out this interactive supplement fact guide if you want to nerd out and learn about how every vitamin helps you.

The best way to ensure you’re getting what you need daily is to take a highly absorbable, high-quality multivitamin.  

Okay, but how do I know which one to take?

  1. Nutrient Content- When choosing a men’s multi, the most important thing to consider is its nutrient content. Does it contain a wide range of Vitamins/Minerals? You should be able to count at least 25 lines on the supplement fact panel. If not, you’re leaving yourself open to potential gaps.*


  1. Quality of Ingredients- The next thing to consider is the quality of the vitamin, and like most things in life, you usually get what you pay for.* There are several different ways to look for quality, and while we could go through every single one, the data on each is dizzying and, luckily, there is a quicker, easier way to search the supplement fact panel. 

                 (a super-easy way to do this outlined below!) 

  1. Absorbability– Lastly, you’ll want to ensure you’re taking a form that is highly absorbable, to ensure your body is getting the most from your multi. Because our bodies only absorb around 22% of the average pill and gummy, powder/liquid vitamins usually are the best on this front, as they absorb almost immediately with 90% + absorption rates giving you the maximum benefit from your daily supplement! If you can find an option with super greens and probiotics, like the options from Root’d, it will give you the ultimate boost in absorbability.



 A 2 Step Guide to Choosing the Right Men’s Multivitamin:


Turn around the box, and check to see if they use methylated, citrate, and glycinate sources. These are natural sources*, and is easier than it sounds, too, as you’ll be able to tell by looking for these words on six (6) lines.


  1. First, let’s look at the B12 line and Folate lines –
    Men's Energy Multivitamin with Vitamin B12
    If those lines contain a word starting with the letters “Meth” then you know you’re getting the best, Methylated forms. Hello, better energy!


  1. Next, let’s look for citrate or glycinate. Check out the Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, and Selenium Lines. Root'd Best Immunity Building Liquid Vitamins
  2. Are all four included? Do they end w/ the words citrate or glycinate? Then, Check! Stronger immunity and stress relief are included in this one!
  • Watch Out! If these lines end in the word “oxide” be aware! Oxide forms can cause an upset stomach and their absorption rates are questionable at best.* An option w/ oxide is likely to be priced lower, because brands that use oxide here, are more likely to use cheaper ingredients across the board.* Cheapskates.
  • A simple way to remember: Just like Carbon Dioxide, Oxide isn’t too good either, and If you would eat it, then the word should end in ate.


Okay, I get it! Which one should I be taking though?

We hear ya. Let’s dive into our three favorites in each form option.


1. Liquid/Powder – Root’d - His MULTI - Nutrient Boosting Drink Mix For Men

Electrolytes with super greens

The science around vitamins has evolved over the last 100 years, but for some reason, vitamins haven’t evolved with it. Pills were invented in the ’70s, and the sugar in gummies kinda destroys the whole purpose as sugar impairs immunity!


Root’d formulated vitamins for the 21st century.

Root'd Powder Multivitamin Benefits

Get more from your MULTI. Use code MEN20 for 20% off your first purchase and get free shipping + our 100% love guarantee. If you don't love Root'd, it's on us! 


2. Pills

Vitamin Pills - Liquid Vitamins Are Better

If you decide a pill is more up your ally, we like this one from Naturelo. As with any pill form, you won’t be getting the absorption power of super greens (pills average around 22%), nor hydrating electrolytes, but overall this one has a great balance of nutrients, and the quality of ingredients mimics what is in the Root’d formula.

3. Gummies

Vitamin Gummies too much sugar- Liquid Vitamins Are Better

We know, the gummies are a bit of a treat. We like this one from Smarty Pants, but as with any gummy be aware of the sugar content, and the serving sizes (This one is 6 per day). Also, similar to pills you won’t be getting the absorption power of super greens, nor hydrating electrolytes. That said, overall this one has a great balance of nutrients, and the quality of ingredients mimics what is in the Root’d formula.


Root'd Powder Multivitamin with sugar free electrolytes and probiotics for men






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