Immunity Is About So Much More Than Just Vitamin C. And it definitely doesn't have sugar.

Sugar Free Emergen C Option

We had always been so frustrated by how confusing supplements were.

Like so many people, we’ve heard all the benefits of taking this, or drinking that to build our immunity and energy levels, but it was never clear which option had the ingredients that actually worked!

The seemingly obvious choice to us was the Emergen-C type products out there. The taste is so great, and we were so excited to find something that seemed toSugar Free Emergen C  work, but then felt so deceived to turn around the 9-gram packet, just to find 6 grams of sugar! What!? So we’re supposed to drink something that’s over 60% sugar, and trust that the other 40% will somehow help!? Studies show that sugar can actually disable your immune system for up to 5 hours. No wonder we always crash 1 hour later! We just want to build our immunity and have more REAL energy. Why isn’t that easier?!

We said enough is enough!

sugar free alternative to emergen c

There must be a way to make a sparkling vitamin drink mix that built our immunity and energy levels, but also tasted amazing without having to mix in all that immunity killing sugar!

So we went to work.

Immunity Doesn't Have Sugar

After years of research, it turned out the answer wasn’t just vitamin C and B vitamins. The answer was a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals were needed if we genuinely wanted to build our immunity and energy levels, and ultimately, a healthier, more nutritious life.

So, we formulated the worlds first true MULTI.

Root'd Powder Multivitamin with Sugar Free Electrolytes vs. Pills and Gummies

One with real ingredients so our bodies would absorb it, natural flavors so it would taste good, and one with 0 immunity killing sugar. Since men, women, and prenatal moms to be need different balances of nutrients, it never made sense to have a one size fits all pack because, well, one size doesn’t fit all! So we made a pack for everybody.

Simply pour, stir, and fall in love!

Root'd Sugar Free Emergen-C Powder supplement for immune support and immunity Plus energy

 Finally, an immunity, energy building vitamin drink that actually works!

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Before we finished, we had one last commitment. A commitment to our shared planet.

Rootd Plastic Free Packaging Commitment

Because we believe healthier you, should also equal a healthier planet we made a promise to never to use more than 5% plastic in our packaging and then to donate 1% to the ocean to help remove plastic and 1% to land to help plant new trees. All part of our ultimate mission, to make humans and our environments healthier.


 We’re so confident we made the best multivitamin on, and for the planet, so we backed it up with our 100% love guarantee. If you don’t love it, you get your money back, no questions asked.

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