What To Expect When You're Expecting Your Root'd

What To Expect When You're Expecting Your Root'd

Embarking on the journey of motherhood brings with it a world of excitement and a deep sense of responsibility towards the tiny life growing inside you.  
Nutrition becomes not just about you, but about providing the best start for your baby. As you navigate through this beautiful chapter, ensuring that both you and your little one receive the optimal blend of nutrients is paramount.  
This is where we introduce a little magic into your routine— welcome Root'd Multi + Electrolytes, a fizzy multi designed to support you and your baby's health in the most delightful way. 

Crafting Your Daily Nutritional Harmony with Root'd 

Embrace the versatility of Root'd as part of your prenatal care. Whether it's a simple mix with water, a ginger ale twist, or a refreshing watermelon blend, Root'd promises a cold, delicious treat packed with superfoods, probiotics, and essential nutrients for you and your baby. 

Start with the Basics: 

Step 1: Grab your favorite cup and add 1 pack of Root'd. 

Step 2: Pour 4-12 oz of COLD liquid—water, ginger ale, or your choice of flavored water. Less liquid means more flavor! 

Step 3: Watch the magic happen! Root'd is effervescent, so give it about 20-30 seconds to fizz and fully dissolve. Stirring is optional but can speed up the mixing.  

Tips for a Smooth Experience 

Anytime Is Root'd Time: The best time for your Root'd is whenever you remember to take it. Your routine is perfect for you and your Root'd. 

Feeling Nauseous? It's not uncommon to feel slightly nauseous with premium multivitamins due to the rapid nutrient intake. If you're one of the few, here are some tips: 

  1. Drink Root'd with your meals. 
  1. Gradually sip your Root'd throughout your day. You don’t have to take it in one go. 
  1. Add it to more water or ginger ale for a gentler intake. 

Daily Dose for Maximum Benefit: For the full spectrum of nutrients and hydration benefits, enjoy 1 Root'd every day. It's your daily dose of wellness, ensuring you and your baby are nourished and thriving! 

Celebrate with the Root'd Community 

Root'd is a community of mamas (like you!) and anyone on a journey to upgrad’d wellness while having fun.  
Share your Root'd mocktails (Roottails) and moments by tagging us @rootdhealth. Your journey inspires our community, and we cherish the diverse ways Root'd enhances your & your growing baby’s daily wellness. 

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