What's the Best Form of Vitamins — Powders, Pills Or Gummies?

Which form is best? Powders VS Pills VS Gummies

Have you ever opened a bottle of vitamins and wondered what's in your pills or in your gummies? While most vitamins are marketed free from additives aside from the vitamins themselves, this is not always the case. It's common for ingredients like artificial sweeteners, flavors, silicon dioxide, and more to be added to enhance the flavor or texture of a given product. These things can affect how well your body absorbs the vitamins from your supplements. 

Deciding on the best supplement delivery system might be complex because of the several options available. Although many vitamins and nutritional supplements are available in pills, capsules, gel, and gummy forms, powder supplements have several advantages over other types of supplements.

Here's an overview of supplements in different forms and some of the pros and cons associated with them.


pills take time to dissolve and have slower absorption rate

Pills are one of the most common supplement forms. They are inexpensive to make and come in various forms and sizes (as well as chewable versions) to aid in ingestion.

These supplement forms may also include more active ingredients (much more than a liquid, gel, or gummy). This means fewer excipients are required. Excipients are ingredients that do not serve an active nutritional function. They may be included for reasons such as stability, digestibility, manufacturing, or other similar ones.

Pros of pills

  • Longer shelf-life 
  • Requires fewer excipients
  • Hides unpleasant tastes

Cons of pills

  • Low solubility. It takes about 30 minutes for tablets to dissolve.
  • Uneven disintegration Tablets may break down unevenly, resulting in a reduced absorption rate.
  • Less palatable. Some persons may experience a foul aftertaste due to the tablet's outer covering.


Gummy vitamins have added sugar and additives

We've all seen a variety of gummies on sale. Whether in the kids' section or down an aisle at Whole Foods. These chewable vitamins are promoted as a delightful way to get your nutrients in, available in various shapes, colors, and flavors to appeal to youngsters and adults who may dislike swallowing pills. Despite the flashy marketing, the issue remains: are gummy vitamins effective?

A few factors influence the answer. The following are some advantages and disadvantages to consider before eating gummies.

Pros of gummy vitamins

  • More palatable. Gummy vitamins are easy to consume because they come in various flavors and colors, contributing to higher supplement adherence.
  • Easy to swallow. Gummy vitamins are ideal for picky eaters and those struggling with pill absorption or swallowing.

Cons of gummy vitamins

  • Extra additives. According to Healthline, gummies may contain food coloring, sugar alcohols, or added sugars, which can have significant side effects.
  • Inadequate nutritional content. Gummy vitamins may have a lower nutritional value than advertised because manufacturers must reduce the essential nutrients to add filler components and preserve a gummy texture.
  • May impose a risk of overdose. Gummies come in various flavors and are easy to overeat, which can lead to vitamin or mineral toxicity.


Powdered supplements have higher absorption rate and convenient to consume

As the term suggests, a powdered MULTI is essentially a multivitamin formulated into powder form. Most vitamin powders are fruit-flavored and blended with water to provide a tasty and refreshing drink to go along with your vitamin and mineral intake. Many people find that taking a multivitamin powder form is much easier to digest than taking pills daily.

According to a recent national survey, more than 40% of persons in the general population had difficulty swallowing tablets. Thus, people having trouble swallowing these oral drugs may not adhere to their prescribed medication.

Pros of powdered supplements

  • Quicker absorption. It only takes adding water to your vitamin powder and then drinking it for your body to begin absorbing the nutrients immediately.
  • Easier consumption. Powders are an excellent option for individuals who dislike swallowing tablets or capsules.
  • Versatile. Powders can be included in your favorite drinks, whether in water, cocktails, or smoothies.
  • Inexpensive to transport. According to the National Library of Medicine, powdered MULTIs are lightweight, easy to store and transport, convenient to use, cost-effective, and unlikely to result in overdose.
  • Can include high amounts of active ingredients

Cons of powdered supplements

  • Inconvenient for travel. Some sources discussed that powders could be quite a hassle since they usually come in larger containers. However, there are still powdered supplements that are convenient to bring while traveling as they are in packets or sticks. An excellent example is Root'd MULTI, the first ever supplement to combine the essential nutrients of a multivitamin plus the hydration powder of sugar-free electrolytes, which is also a great way to save some space.
  • Inconsistent measurement. Another disadvantage that others complain about powders is the inconsistency of scoop measurement, which may depend on various consumer errors. However, some brands like Root'd have found a way to solve this issue. Root'd MULTI is so convenient to prepare and consume. Just get a packet, pour the powders into a 4 oz glass of water, then drink!


So, what form of supplement should you choose?

When deciding which form is best, consider the one that fits your lifestyle and nutritional needs. If you hate swallowing pills and added sugar or other additives, then powdered supplements may work best for you. If you have a hectic schedule or are always on the go, give Root'd MULTI a try to keep you nourished and hydrated throughout the day without hassle.


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