Choosing The Right Multivitamins For You

Choosing The Right Multivitamins For You

Walking down the supplement aisle at the pharmacy or local grocery store can feel a little overwhelming. With all these vitamin brands, each claiming health benefits, your choices can go a little bit haywire. So, we've created a checklist that will save you time and help you choose the right multivitamins!

Tips in Choosing the Right Multivitamin For You: What To Look For?

1. Specifically Made for Your Age, Gender, and Life Stage

Multivitamins that is Specifically Made for Your Age, Gender, and Life Stage

Men and women have unique nutritional needs, so it just makes sense to choose a multi that is specially formulated for your age and gender to ensure that you get the right combination of vitamins and minerals.

For instance, women need more iron than men. Biological men shouldn't take the same amount of iron as the male reproductive system is particularly sensitive to iron overload.

Our vitamin and mineral requirements also change as we age and reach another milestone.

For example, when a woman is pregnant (Hi there, Future Momma!), there's a greater need for nutrients, particularly folate—that's where prenatal vitamins come in! Compared to a regular women's multi (@ 400 mcg folate), prenatal vitamins contain 600 mcg of folate to support neural tube development and help prevent birth defects.* 

2. Supplies 100% Of the Daily Value (DV) For Most Nutrients

Root'd MULTI Supplies 100% Of the Daily Value (DV) For Most Nutrients

When buying a supplement, you want to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck, so make it a habit to check the ingredients list. Look for the one that contains 100% daily value for most essential vitamins and minerals. There are types of multivitamins out there that include only a few essential nutrients, while others have more fillers and added sugar. Did we just describe gummy vitamins? Oops! Well, those are just some of the not-so-sweet facts about gummies

3. Contains Vitamins in Their Natural or Active Form

Choose MULTI that Contains Vitamins in Their Natural or Active Form

Nicole Crane, a certified nutritionist, said that about 75% of vitamin supplements are totally synthetic. Synthetic vitamins contain a high concentration of chemicals created to mimic the way natural vitamins do in your body. Choose multivitamins that contain active forms of nutrients instead of synthetic ones. 

Vitamins in the active form are more bioavailable, which means they are immediately absorbed into your system. So here’s the deal. When you take vitamins in their inactive or synthetic form, they have to be activated by the kidneys or liver before your body can utilize and absorb the nutrients. 

Root’d is formulated with this in mind — His, Her, and Prenatal MULTIs are 100% synthetic-free with infused enzymes, probiotics, and seven superfoods to ensure maximum absorption + 3X the electrolytes of a typical sports drink for extra hydration. *

4. Third-Party Tested and FDA-Approved

Root'd MULTI is Third-Party Tested and FDA-Approved

One of the best criteria to narrow your search in buying a vitamin supplement is looking for the cGMP seal or stamp. The FDA enforces Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations to ensure proper monitoring, design, and control of manufacturing facilities and processes. The FDA does not approve dietary claims by law, but they regulate nutritional ingredients and dietary supplements. 

@Root’d, we strictly adhere to these regulations to ensure that our products are tested for composition, identity, strength, and purity. Each batch of vitamins is 3rd-party tested for label claims, allergens, microbes, heavy metals, and other contaminants to guarantee that they are below levels considered safe by the cGMP.

Feel free to explore our interactive supplement facts guide and testing results for any Root’d MULTI: 

Meet Her MULTI

Meet His MULTI

Meet Prenatal MULTI

5. Consult a Dietitian or Talk to Your Doctor

Consult a Dietitian or Talk to Your Doctor

It’s always best to seek professional advice from a dietitian or doctor to help you choose the right multivitamins targeted to your specific needs. They can conduct a nutritional assessment to check any nutrient insufficiencies to prevent further deficiency in the future. This way, they can provide personalized recommendations on how much of each vitamin you need for optimal health and wellness.

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