Not So Sweet Facts About Gummy Vitamins

Not So Sweet Facts About Gummy Vitamins

We all have the same experience. Our kids are picky eaters, and as adults, we hate swallowing all of those freaking pills, so we lean towards gummy vitamins over traditional supplements because they’re chewable, tastier, and don’t have that weird smell. It makes sense too. Gummy vitamins are like little treats in the morning, making us more likely to take our vitamins regularly.

 While consistency is obviously important when taking any supplement, choosing the right supplement form also matters, and unfortunately, when it comes to gummies, there’s some pretty big downsides. If, for example, you take the #1 gummy multivitamin sold in natural stores like Smarty Pants, you’d also be consuming almost 5 lbs of sugar every year. That’s crazy, especially since the number one reason we take supplements is for our health, and sugar actively disables it.*

What You Need To Know About Gummy Vitamins

False health claims

Australian researchers, nutritionists, and public health officials recently looked at popular gummy vitamins. They revealed that the manufacturers made false health claims. The Conversation exposed that gummy vitamins are unhealthy and exploitative products that mislead consumers about their nutritional benefits.

The lack of regulation regarding the classification of gummy vitamins makes it more confusing and complicated for consumers. The FDA does not strictly regulate the safety and sale of nutritional supplements since they are classified as food products, not medicines.

Unreliable dosage

Gummy vitamins usually contain fewer nutrients but are loaded with an insane amount of sugar, fillers, and artificial food dyes to prolong their shelf-life and give them an enticing look and taste. Their fancy packaging conceals the alarming amounts of added sugar and other unhealthy ingredients that aren’t clearly stated on the label. Going back to our example of a popular brand Smarty Pants, their women’s multivitamin has 6 grams of sugar per serving, which sounds okay on the surface, but a “serving” is only 10 grams, making the number one active ingredient (at 60%), sugar! 😳

ConsumerLab found that at least four out of five gummy supplements contained more or less than the listed ingredients on their labels. They revealed that gummies are more likely to fail the test based on their analysis. Also, chances are that the vitamin content is already degraded by the time you eat your gummy.

Higher Risk of Overdose

Gummies are obviously yummy and convenient, but these bright and colorful vitamins also have a dark side. The sweet and fruity taste of gummy vitamins tickles our taste buds and makes us want more. They're chewable and flavorful that maybe we’ll just eat another 1, 2, 3, (okay, 4) more pieces until you accidentally binge the whole bottle. Whoops! 

Kids are especially more prone to over-consume gummy vitamins. 

5 Reasons Why Gummy Vitamins Are Not Good For You

Cause Dental Cavities*

Gummy Vitamins Can Cause Dental Cavities

Are gummy vitamins bad for your teeth? YES!

Gummy vitamins can cause plaque buildup and tooth decay. The sugar in them sticks to the surface of your teeth and creates a sticky film that weakens the enamel and encourages bacteria to grow — this can lead to cavities and gum disease. Manufacturers may claim them as a nutritious treat, but gummy vites are just like gummy bears that are bad for your teeth!

Increase Obesity Risk*

Gummy Vitamins Can Increase Obesity Risk

It's ridiculous how some brands would advertise gummy vitamins for weight loss when they're actually a gateway to increased obesity risk.

Most of the time, the sweet and fruity taste of gummies comes from artificial flavorings and added sugars. Consistently eating too much sugar can make a dent in your daily calorie allowance and could lead to weight gain.

May Trigger Acne Breakouts*

Gummy Vitamins May Trigger Acne Breakout

Added sugar in gummy vitamins can cause an insulin spike that leads to increased production of oils and androgen hormones, which eventually clog pores, aggravate acne, and trigger inflammations. Dermatologists said that people who ingest too much sugar are often susceptible to recurring acne.

Also, since gummy vitamins usually have unreliable dosages, they may contain fewer or more nutrients than what’s listed on their labels. For instance, some vitamin brands marketed for skin care may have higher amounts of biotin than recommended. Michele Green, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, said that an excess of biotin leads to a shortage of vitamin B5 and an overproduction of skin cells resulting in a lack of moisture in the skin, making it more vulnerable to bacteria that can cause acne.*

Bad for Diabetics*

Gummy Vitamins Are Bad For Diabetics

Don’t fall for the sweet claims of brands selling sugar-laden gummy vitamins as dietary supplements. 

People with diabetes make up 11.3% of the US population, so the common question is, “Can diabetics take gummy vitamins?”. While some may say they’re safe; their sugar content placed these off limits for people with diabetes and anyone managing their sugar levels.

Impose Danger to Heart Health*

Gummy Vitamins Impose Danger to Heart Health

According to a study published in 2014, a high-sugar diet was associated with a greater risk of dying from heart disease. * Excess consumption of added sugar, especially from sugary products like gummies, can increase chronic inflammation and raise blood pressure. *

Diabetes, fatty liver disease, inflammation, higher blood pressure, and weight gain are all side effects of added sugar intake *— linked to a higher risk of heart attack and stroke.

What’s Better Than Gummy Vitamins?

We get it. Giving in to tasty gummies is much easier than giving up your sweet cravings and way better than choking down another pill. Luckily there are new, better, healthier options like Root'd.

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