Vitamins & Minerals 101

Methylfolate vs. Folic Acid: Which is Better?
4 Key Differences Between Methylfolate and Folic Acid Are methylfolate and folic acid the same thing? Nope, they're not. Though methylfolate and folic acid are both forms of vitamin B9, there's a pretty simple, yet significant, distinction between the two....
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Choosing The Right Multivitamins For You
Walking down the supplement aisle at the pharmacy or local grocery store can feel a little overwhelming. With all these vitamin brands, each claiming health benefits, your choices can go a little bit haywire. So, we've created a checklist that...
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Not So Sweet Facts About Gummy Vitamins
We all have the same experience. Our kids are picky eaters, and as adults, we hate swallowing all of those freaking pills, so we lean towards gummy vitamins over traditional supplements because they’re chewable, tastier, and don’t have that weird...
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