3 Hydration Tips for Hot Yoga

3 Hydration Tips for Hot Yoga

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, staying well-hydrated is essential for optimal health and performance. When you engage in physical activity like yoga, your body sweats to cool down, which can lead to fluid and electrolyte loss. Proper hydration helps maintain blood volume, regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, and ensure muscles function properly. Keep reading if you want to learn top tips on how to properly hydrate for hot yoga.

Why Hydration Matters in Yoga

Every time you strike a pose or go through a traditional yoga flow, your muscles are hard at work. Muscle contraction is a significant part of any exercise, including yoga. And just like in any other form of exercise, inadequate hydration can lead to muscle cramps or even muscle weakness. Ensuring adequate hydration can significantly improve your focus, energy levels and recovery.

How to Properly Hydrate for Hot Yoga?


"Hydration pre-yoga is essential to avoid cramping and stiffness," says Kara Lydon, RD, a Boston-based nutritionist and yoga instructor. Just remember not to chug a bottle of water right before your class begins, as you may end up feeling bloated during your practice. Instead, slowly sip about 1-1.5 liters of water an hour before class. This gives your body ample time to absorb the water and avoid any need for a bathroom break mid-session.

Rehydrate During and After 

Keeping a water bottle handy during your session is essential. Hot yoga classes, like Bikram Yoga, can cause you to sweat profusely, increasing your need for fluids. Keep your water intake to approximately one-quarter liters of water per 15 minutes. Sipping water rather than gulping it down ensures a steady fluid balance without disrupting your concentration during yoga practice. Drinking water after class is, of course, equally important as it helps to flush out toxins and avoid dehydration.

Boost your Electrolyte Intake

While drinking plain water can help quench your thirst and rehydrate your body to a certain extent, it won't be sufficient to restore electrolyte balance after sweat loss. In light of this, it's vital to address not only the water that's been lost but also the essential minerals that have been depleted. If not replenished promptly, electrolyte imbalance can lead to muscle cramps, dizziness, and fatigue — symptoms you definitely don't want to experience in the middle of a yoga session.

Optimize your hydration by drinking electrolyte-rich beverages such as coconut water, lemon juice and other natural fruit juices. If you want something handy that you can easily mix into your water bottle, electrolyte supplements in powder form like Root'd will be your best choice!

Choosing the Best Electrolyte for Hot Yoga

When searching for the best electrolytes for hot yoga, it's beneficial to look beyond just hydration. Choose a product that offers the right balance of hydration and nutrition to keep your body functioning at optimal levels. The constant and intense movements in hot yoga require not just hydration but also a steady supply of energy to maintain endurance and focus. Relying solely on sugary hydration products can be counterproductive, as the temporary energy boost they offer is often followed by a sugar crash that can leave you feeling sluggish and unfocused.

Root'd stands out as a holistic choice for the avid yogi. Unlike average sports drinks and hydration supplements, Root'd is free from added sugars and artificial colors. This ensures that while you're rehydrating, you're also fueling your body in the most natural way. Each pack provides essential vitamins and minerals that promote muscle recovery, sustain energy production, and enhance overall wellness — making it the best electrolyte powder for hot yoga!

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